A Walk in the Park



5 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Nice picture from Konges Have, used to do a lot of photography there when I was living in Copenhagen long time ago, makes me feel kind of homesick, Anyway love your style and notice that you use the Fuji X100s, I only have the X100, but love it for it’s colours.
    All the best Erik Hansen

    • Thank you, Erik. I gather from your comment and your name that you are a danish native?
      The X100S really is a gem and its image quality coupled with portability has made it my main camera for street work. Cheers Bo

      • Hi Bo, thanks for the reply, yes I was born in one of the areas you frequent for you street photography, Nørrebro i Slotsgade to be exact, and have now lived in Sydney Australia since 1970.
        Will follow your blog as often as I can, and keep up the good work.
        Regards Erik

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