Animated Street Photography

Well, this is a first. As you might have noticed I do not normally write anything to accompany the photos. Mainly because I do not want the words to interfere with your own interpretation of the pictures. I know, it is kind of vain; but I hope the photos can speak for themselves.

But this time some explaining is necessary. My good friend Nils Brakchi is a musician and since he likes my photographic vision I have directed and photographed a number of music video for his recently released EP. Although I make a living as a TV-direcor I am actually not as comfortably a video photographer as I am a still photographer. It is quite a different workflow and a whole other skill set are needed. But Nils insists that I do the camera work and it usually pans out.

For the music video ”Arrivederci Americano” the idea was to take the feel and atmosphere from my street photos into the video. We wanted some of the authencity and spontaneity to show in the video. ”Animated street photos” was the goal.

Nils had the idea of having uncasted people listen to the song in the street and I would film them as they listened to the song for the first time. We did not direct them in any way.

So we booked a flight to Milano, Italy (after all the lyrics refer to Milano) stayed there for a weekend and approached total strangers on the street and asked them to listen to the song. I would film them right there and that was it. No lightning, no directing, not a lot of camera movement. Just spontaneous reactions to the song.

Of course, as the weekend progressed I couldn’t help shooting street photos as I normally would, only this time I pressed “video record” instead of just the still shutter release. As I came home and began the editing, it turned out that the more candid takes fitted the overall mood, so it made it into the video as well.

To finish the video off we shot Nils singing in a old bar here in Copenhagen.

What do you think? Did we succeed in making ”Animated street photos”?


3 thoughts on “Animated Street Photography

  1. I like the production of the video but feel that, because the people are approached to put on headphones etc, it is ‘produced’ rather than spontaneous candid – it works in its own right.

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